Talking Souvenir Frame
 Talking Souvenir Frame by Dinotalk

Dinotalk’s Talking Souvenir Frame lets you record a personal or sound memory to your special photograph. All of life’s milestone events deserve to be remembered. Surprise your loved ones!

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1. Insert a 42. Press and hold the REC button to record your message3. Press the play button to review your message. If your are satisfied with the recording, continue to step 4. Otherwise, repeat steps 2-3.4. Remove the Happy Tab when you're satisfied with your recording to make it permanent.5. Share and enjoy the magic!


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Patent Pending • WARNING: Dinotalk’s products have been tested to ensure ease of operation, great value and quality, but they cannot be held responsible for any
malfunction due to incorrect operation or tampering. Not suitable for children under 3 years. This item contains small electronic parts and batteries • Made in China